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by Javier Zuker (DJ / Productor)




Mr DJ (Something I Can Dance To) (Ft. Phylea Carley)
Black Legend
Misma Posición
Black Legend - Mr DJ (Something I Can Dance To) (Ft. Phylea Carley)

Ciro Sasso aka Black Legend catches an infectious house groove in this new track for Defected. Well known for the Ibiza classic 'You See The Trouble With Me' in 2000 that reached #1 in the UK charts, Naples resident Black Legend now operates as a solo DJ/producer. Having been spending most of his time doing remix work for major labels, he has now returned to his house roots. 'Mr DJ (Something I Can Dance To)' resonates with those house roots, with a bouncing 4/4 beat and melodic bassline. Phylea Carley's super-laidback vocals give it an informal feel while the track's production has a sense of freedom that reflects Black Legend's 'no restrictions' approach to DJ selection.

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